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Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSDC)

The Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSDC)


For more info email:  dancer "AT" tidewaterswingdanceclub(DOT)com  


TSDC supports all of our Swing friends in the area, and these events are worth checking out.

Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSDC) happenings!!


Hi Everybody-

Swing Fling was a great time. The dance was packed! Our members and friends enjoyed hanging out at the Tidewater Swing Dance Club's floor-side table. Mike and Cindy did a great job with the snacks! Thanks guys! We hope to have some pictures for our web site soon. If you took pictures at Swing Fling that you'd like to share, please email them to the club or bring them to our next dance.

Speaking of the next dance!

It's coming up on Saturday, August 27th at Shall We Dance. Details are on the web site and we'll be sending out a notice soon.

FIELD TRIP TO DC - We're arranging a TSDC Field Trip to DC for a weekend of dancing and lessons with Jordan and Tatiana on October 21-23. We'll rent a small bus for our group and arranage the hotel and meals. It'll be a great time! Space is limited, so if you're interested in reserving a seat, email the club. We'll be sending out more details soon.

Also, don't forget to mark your calendar for the big TSDC Swingin' Christmas Dinner-Dance, December 10th at DanceSport!

If you have any questions or comments, email the club!




*** The TSDC Christmas Dinner Dance will be on Saturday, December 10th at DanceSport!
Mark your calendar!!! There will be plenty of great food, great music, and great dancing, and all for a price that can’t be beat! This is our 4th TSDC Christmas Dance. Plan to come out and celebrate with us!


Remember to mark your calendar for the big TSDC Swingin' Christmas Dinner-Dance at DanceSport, December 10th!! Great food, great music, and great dancing - all at a super low price that can only be offerd by a club!

*** TSDC Field Trip to DC for Jordan and Tatiana on Oct 21-23.  This will be a great weekend of lessons and night dances with two of the best dancers from California. We’re going to arrange the bus for group transportation and help with room sharing too! This will be for TSDC members only, but we’ll offer discounted membership if new dancers want to join the club and the trip! If you’d like to get your name on the list, email the club.  We’ll be taking deposits, and will limit the trip to 15 people! It’s a great way to experience a big WCS dance and take lessons from two top pros while sharing the fun with fellow TSDC members! More details coming soon!  Although being assigned to a table is not necessary, it’s a great way to have someplace reserved to put your “stuff” and to share the event with people from our area. We hope you can join us!

Seven seats are already taken for the TSDC Field Trip to DC for Jordan and Tatiana on October 21-23. Join the fun and travel with fellow TSDC members! We'll ride together in a 15 passenger bus and the club will arrange lodging and meals. For now, we're taking names of those interested. Later, we'll take a deposit. There is a 15 person limit, so plan on joining us and email the club to add your name to the list!! If you are not a member, ask about membership specials for this trip! This is a fun trip, don't miss out!

Check out our web site for more info and directions! Email if you have questions.  http://www.TidewaterSwingDanceClub.com

Here's the TSDC dance schedule for the rest of 2005!

August 27th at Shall We Dance
October 1st at Country Bootlegger's
October 29th at Shall We Dance
November 19th at County Bootlegger's
Our big Christmas Dinner-Dance!
December 10th at DanceSport!!


Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSDC)

The variety in West Coast Swing comes from the music and we hope that our series of “swing friendly” dances is allowing you to experience dancing WCS to different music.

I’d say the #1 comment we receive is about music. Often we get “great music” and “terrible music” comments on the same night!
The problem is that many people in our area are getting used to dancing WCS to one style of music.

As you become aware and appreciate what different styles (and
tempos!) of music add to WCS, you’ll enjoy the dance more and understand why so many people throughout the country love to dance West Coast Swing all night!
If you have any questions, email the club or Brad and Janene at dancewestcoastswing("AT")yahoo(dot)com.

Look for more info and directions on our web site:

http://www.loafersbeachclub.com/ ,

Friday night is always a good night to go to Heartbreak Cafe. On Saturday "Coolin Out" is playing at Steppin Out and you definitely do not want to miss that! We will definitely be going to Steppin Out.  (7 to 9:30-10:00),

http://www.countrybootleggers.com/ , http://www.tidewaterswingdanceclub.com/

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Brad Setzer
Assistant Vice President Shaffer Title and Escrow Inc.
780 Lynnhaven Parkway Suite 130
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 < http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?Pyt=Tmap&addr=780+Lynnhaven+Parkway+Suite+130&csz=Virginia+Beach%2C+VA+23452&country=us >

tel: 757-468-5646
fax: 757-468-5000

800 Baker Road
Virginia Beach 23462

- From 64, go north on Northampton Blvd toward the CBBT for 1/2 mi
- Turn right onto Wessleyan Dr. and to about 3/4 mi
- Turn right onto Baker Rd and go about 1/4 mile to the club.


If you're interested in joining us, or just want more info, email the club at dancer "AT" tidewaterswingdanceclub.com


If you'd like more info, send us an email or check out our web site,  www.tidewaterswingdancelub.com

We're also accepting memebrships for 2005! It's just $20 for the  year and you get discounts to our dances, series classes, and more!

The Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSDC) web site has been updated (new pictures will be added soon)!


Also our Shag friends: Colonial Shag Club hosts a dance at Mitty's in Newport News every Friday from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.   The music works good for WCS and there's only a $5 cover. And our Lindy friends:

Go to
www.swingvirginia.com for details


Dance Tip of the Week -Mastering West Coast Swing (WCS) Connections


Membership Info

TSDC Renewal, and new members is now $20.


Thanks to you, our "Charter Members", the Tidewater Swing Dance Club is a reality. The response and support for a new Swing Club has been great and it is through your encouragement and support that we've been able to firmly establish the club and plan for the future. 


Whether you renew or not, it's because of your support that the club is a success and we thank you! The best is yet to come!! We're developing a web site and a unique club logo that will be used on shirts, hats, and lot's more. 


As a member you not only save money, but you support and help promote swing dancing in our area. Members save on all of our club hosted dances, classes, special events, and membership renewals. You can also mail your payment, payable to Steve Buttice @ 102 Ivy Court, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185


Tidewater Swing Dance Club (TSCD)

Where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going…

West Coast Swing is one of the fastest growing and most enjoyable dance forms in the country today. Unlike many stagnant dance forms that rely on a rigidly formatted syllabus and countless hours of expensive instruction, West Coast Swing is a very dynamic and musically interpretive dance that allows both men and women to creatively interact to a wide variety of music from Frank Sinatra to InSync. The dance is only limited by your imagination and basic skill. Once you learn the correct West Coast Swing fundamentals, and how to converse with your partner within the context of the dance, you’ll understand why so many dancers love to dance West Coast Swing till the wee hours of the morning. Each different song and each different partner provide a unique opportunity to dance to the music – together!

The Tidewater Swing Dance Club was formed in April 2002 to enhance the social dance scene in the Tidewater area by promoting West Coast Swing and developing a West Coast Swing dance community. Throughout the summer of 2002 the club met at various established local dances, taught introductory lessons, and recruited members. Several series classes were also held to develop fundamental West Coast Swing technique. In September 2002, the club began hosting monthly dances at rented facilities at both Southside Hampton Roads and Peninsula locations. The club’s primary goal is to provide a fun and friendly West Coast Swing dance community for all interested dancers by organizing dances, instruction, workshops, and special events.

Make your dues check payable to, Steve Buttice, the TSDC treasurer and mail to 102 Ivy Court Williamsburg, Virginia 23185, or bring it to one of our dances.

If you’d like more information you can email the club at dancer "AT" tidewaterswingdanceclub.com

This Tidewater Swing Dance Club site is hosted by Two Step Tidewater Virginia

The Best smoke free Country & Western two step (2-step, Texas two-step), Ballroom, Latin (Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba Meringue), Disco (Hustle), West Coast Swing (WCS), Night Club two-step, Swing Dancing for all of South East Virginia (VA) or North East North Carolina beaches areas  (Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA, Chesapeake VA, Suffolk VA, Portsmouth VA, Newport News VA, Hampton va, Hampton Roads VA, Yorktown VA, Gloucester VA, Jamestown VA, Williamsburg VA, Hickory NC, and the beaches and outer banks of North Carolina (NC)


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