(www.twosteptidewater.com You have reached the right place for information on couples dancing in the area. We teach, perform and host dance events featuring all Ballroom, Swing, Country-Western and Latin dance styles. These include both American and International styles of dance. You will find at our social dances: Foxtrot, Quickstep, Waltz, Tango, Argentine Tango, Viennese Waltz, Bolero, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Mambo, Meringue, Samba, Single Time Swing (Jitterbug), Lindy, Jive, ECS (East Coast Swing), WCS (West Coast Swing) Hustle (Disco), Country 2-Step, Night Club Two-step (NC2), Triple Two Step (T2S), Polka, Schottische, Cowboy Cha-Cha, Barn Dance (Wagon Wheel) as well as some line dancing. Our Group and Private lessons also feature all styles of couples dance.

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Dance Tips for better Country and Western, Latin, Ballroom, Swing, West Coast Swing (WCS) and all styles of dancing.

These Tips have been gleaned from our weekly newsletters. The tips represent the opinions of us and as such are subject to change as our opinions of the subject matter changes.

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01 - Line of Dance and Dance Floor Etiquette

02 - Moving and Turning With Balance

03 - Want a quick way to spice up your dancing

04 - Leading and Following and Bad Habits

05 - Lady's Role in Dancing

06 - Connection Between Leader and Follower

07 - Ten Tips for Better Dancing

08 - Learning to dance (or ride a bike)

09 - Learning the Language of Dancing

10 - Moves, Patterns and Choreography

11 - Attitudes

12 - Dance frame & Posture

14 - What are your Goals

15 - Social Dancing Improves Social Skills

16 - Places to dance - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

17 - Dancing and Practice time - How to practice for different dance levels

18 - What, exactly, is a Country and Western dancer?

19 - Is that a Rumba, a Cha, or an NC2?

20 - Plateaus in Learning.

21 - Bad Habits for Men, Ladies, and Dance Places

22 - What is a Dance Event?

23 - Things to do and plan for at Weekend-Long Dance events

24 - Things I have learned in dancing

25 - Taking care of an important connection, your dancing feet

26 - Dance to the music

27 - Keeping Your Balance

28 - The melody gives us the feel of the music

30 - Dancing the Right Way (My Point of View)

31 - New Dancers and "learning" dancers

32 - Dance Etiquette, from a Lady's point of view (Feedback...for men only)

33 - Close Encounters - of the Dancing Kind

34 - Couple dancing frustrations

35 - Moms and Dads

36 - Learning to Dance; Through the eyes of a beginner

37 - The Traveling Dancer

38 - Slow Dancing; Not so easy

39 - Dangerous Drivers

40 - To Syncopate or Not

41 - Phrasing Your Dance to the Music

42 - Dance Habits: Good and Bad

43 - Are social people drawn to dancing - or does dancing make people social?

44 - Defensive Dancing

45 - Be aware of dancers around you

46 - To really learn to dance; teach a beginner

47 - Dance with your body, not your feet

48 - Body Mechanics in Dancing: (Bipeds Dancing?)

49 - Fast Learner?  Slow Learner?

50 - What are you doing before the "one" beat?

51 - Our dancing universe is both smaller and larger...

52 - What's the next trend in couples dancing?

53 - Four steps to becoming a successful Social Dancer.

54 - Heel Turns in Waltz and Foxtrot.

55 - Contra-Body Motion (CBM) and Contra-Body Movement Position (CBMP) in Dancing.

56 - Isaac Newton's First Law of motion in Dancing.

57 - More Things I Have Learned While Dancing, By Walter.

58 - Strict Dance Tempo Music VS Social Dance Music

59 - Open Dance Group Lessons - Closed Dance Group Lessons

60 - Mastering West Coast Swing (WCS) Connections

61 - Elements of Couple Dancing

62 - Finding Dance Music for Practicing

63 - Country Western Couples Dancers (men)

64 - Social dancing improves social skills (2)

65 - Memorial Day...Freedom isn't Free!!

66 - How to Pick a Dance Instructor....

67 - How do you look to others?

68 - Getting in your partner's (and others) way

69- Dance group etiquette: To ask or not? Mixing Dance Partners? 69- Dance group etiquette: To ask or not? Mixing Dance Partners? Part 2)

70 - Lead and Follow Reaction Time in Dancing

71 - Stationary, or "spot" dance turns: .. Watch that shoulder!

72 - Dance Group Classes... Bring a Friend, or Even Just a "Casual Acquaintance" Dancer

73 - Differences in How Dancers Approach Dancing. Enjoy Dancing!

74 - Ten Inexpensive ways to improve your dancing quickly!

74 - Ten ways to destroy your dancing quickly!

75 - Reliance - in Dancing - and in Life

76 - Dancing? I Probably Forgot Everything...

77 - Dancing Your Way to Fitness and Health

78 - Dancing Fluid Motion

79 - Do-It-Yourself Suede-Soled Shoes or Sneakers

80 - Music Culture Shock

81 - Physics as applied to dancing

82 - Dancing is Too Nice of an Activity Not to Enjoy It!!!

83 -Dancing Can Be Soooo Technical - or Not...

84 - A Man's Dance Frame Affects You and Your Partner

85 - Shall We Dance? (The Movie)

86 - USABDA - A Good Dance Organization

87 - How Hard Can It Be - Not Dancing...Attitude?

88 - A Practical Exercise in Lead-and-Follow

89 - Refresher on Dance Floor Etiquette

90 - It's In The Presentation!

91 - Are You Open to Innovation in Your Dancing?

92 - Too Old for Dancing?

93 - Our Way of Doing Things is the Best Way!

94 - Dance Shoes...

95 - Getting in Your Partner's Way.

96 - Don't Dance Together...
97 - How Many Dancers Practice Like Athletes?

98 - Good dancers without instruction

99 - Dancing With Others...Don't be a Knucklehead!

100 - Save your dancing feet and legs choose shoes and socks! 101 - How to work on Lead/Follow 102 - How Good is That Beginner Dancer?

103 - All dance group classes are alike?

104 - Are Dance Judges Always Right?

105 - Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto. Does it Start on the 1-beat or the 2-beat?

106 - How Much Dance Practice Does It Take?

107 - One Good Turn Deserves Another (Turning Techniques) 108 - Another dozen abstract thoughts somehow related to dancing

109 - Improve your social skills through dancing

110 - Is Your Dancing Looking Awkward?

111 - Dancing With the Stars, Dance Off - A Review by Walter

112 - Dancing is...Moving Your Feet - or - Moving Your Body?

113 - So you think you can dance? Part Three....

114 - Dance Like a Pro....

115 - Dancing at Your Wedding.

116 - Jack & Jill contest, what & why?

117 - A tip for the guys... Lead then follow.

118 - USA Dance, Why support it?

119 - DO's and DON'Ts about dancing

120 - Look & Learn from "Dancing with the Stars"

More to be added later when time is available! Check out our current Newsletter for more information.

Will the Beat Go On?  Heart-healthy dance tips.  Download and print this flyer, (maybe put it in a cheap frame) and ask your doctor to post it in several locations about their waiting rooms (Doctors ALWAYS have several waiting rooms) Click here to download the flyer.



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